Friday, 6 August 2010

Roath to Lisvane - 3.5 miles

Distance: 3.5 miles
Pubs: 1
Longest distance between pubs: 3.5 miles
Footwear: Walking boots (unless it's been very dry)
Public transport: none
Sundayable: yes. 

Okay this is not really a country walk and if you live in Canton then it's not much good to you. It is however, a nice Sunday walk though Roath Park and Llanishen Reservoir. At the end of it there is The Black Griffin. A pub unique in that (according to the signs outside it) it is know by three names (The Griffin, The Black Griffin and Y Griffwn Du). This is a Green King pub and the Sunday roasts here are okay. It's a good option if you want to escape the noisy city pubs to watch some sport. A quick warning: you might think that because this walk is within the city limits you will only need trainers. During dry weather this is the case. However, the paths around Llanishen reservoir can be very muddy after rain and you will need walking boots or even Wellies.

Start outside Pen Y Lan library and walk up the footpath by the side of the playing fields. Cross over Alder road and continue through the park. At the large round about go under the A48 using either of the bridges. Continue through the park past the rose gardens and the lake. Continue on through the wooded conservation area.
At the roundabout at the end of the park you need to cross straight over. Go down Llandennis road (the one with the school signs). Take a right turn down the footpath immediately after Cardiff High School (photo). After 200 yards turn left and cross the small footbridge (photo). Turn right and follow the footpath for 300 yards until it ends at Rhyd-y-Penau road. Cross the road and go through the kissing gate. Turn right after 100 yards crossing over a small foot path and turn left. Follow this path as it snakes around the edge of the wood. After 500 yards there is a notice board. If you're not familiar with the politics of the proposed development of Llanishen reservoir then check out the Save Our Reservoirs web site. Squeeze through the kissing gates, pass over the lane and continue on the footpath. Cross the field and follow the path over a very small bridge. If there has been a lot of rain then this can be flooded. There is an alternative footpath through the woods that is sign posted. Follow the well maintained path avoiding the turnings to the right. After 500 yards the path goes down an incline and crosses over a small stream. There is a stile here and the ground the other side can be very muddy if there has been rain. From here on the ground can be very wet. Make your way up the hill and follow the footpath to the right that takes you along the edge of the field (photo). There is a footpath sign here with a yellow triangle, but it could be hidden by plants. Follow this for 100 yards until you come to a stile (photo). Go over this and follow the path as it turns to the left. Cross over the stream and continue on the path for 200 yards. When the footpath cross over a larger lane continue straight on over the stile (photo). Follow this path for another 200 yards and you should come out on Maerdy lane. A short walk to the end of the lane should bring you to a roundabout. Carefully cross the road and go up the hill to the pub (that you should be able to see from the end of the lane, photo). If you have got lost in the footpath around Llanishen reservoir and come out on Lisvane road then you need to turn right and walk along the road.
The Griffin (photo) is a good pub to say that it's within the city. The Sunday roasts are too bad and it can be a nice place to watch sports.
For the return journey you can either simply walk back the way you came or turn right at the roundabout and walk down Lisvane road for about a mile to Llanishen train station. Trains to Queens Street are every fifteen minuets Monday to Saturday but every two hours on Sundays.

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