Monday, 16 August 2010

Penarth to Sully - 4 miles

Distance: 8 miles (there and back)
Pubs: 1
Longest distance between pubs: 4 miles
Footwear: Walking boots (unless it's been very dry)
Public transport: train and bus (50mins from Cardiff).
Sundayable: yes

This is another there and back walk to a nice pub that's a possible for Sundays. The going is very easy apart from a a half mile section along St Mary's Well Beach where there is a scrabble down the cliffs and the beach is only accessible at low tide. The pub at the end of it the Captain's Wife is a vintage pub and so popular for Sunday lunches and any family occasions such as mothers day.

Either get the train or bus (49 Cardiff bus) to Penarth.
Assuming you are starting in the town centre go down Stanwell Road at the big roundabout. Turn left after 200 yards onto Plymouth road. After 50 yards turn left down a small footpath signposted as "Esplanade via Alexandra Park" (photo). Walk down the steps over the bridge, carry on through the park and turn right on to Bridgeman road. From here you should be able to see the pier. Walk down the hill to the promenade and turn right. I could just about say keep going for 2 miles until you reach Lavernock point since the path is so obvious, but here's more detail. Walk down the promenade and up the hill (photo). Towards the top turn off to the left on the footpath through the park. This is a tarmacked path and very well maintained. Assuming you are walking on a weekend there will be plenty of people using it. After 500 yards the path enters a wooded area simply follow this for another one and a half miles until you come to Lavernock point.
The path will bring you out on Fort road. Walk down the road past the church. Keep going for 400 yards past the caravan site. There is a pub in the site called The Marconi Inn. This is exactly what you would expect for a pub in a caravan park. Unless you want fizzy larger I would avoid it. Immediately after the entrance to the park turn left down the foot path mark with a blue sign. After 200 yards go through the gate and go straight on. After 400 yards you'll come to the remains of some gun emplacements from the second world war. Carry on down the coast paths. After 500 yards you'll come across another gun emplacement. This is where the walk becomes a climb. Aim for the far right hand side of the field, but instead of going through the kissing gate go to the left and 'climb' down the cliffs (photo) on to St Mary's Well Beach. You should not attempt this section of the walk at high tide.
Okay first off, be very careful climbing down on to the beach. Don't be tempted to carry on the footpath past the caravan site. You can do this but eventually you'll come to a point where coast erosion has removed the path and you'll be forced to turn back. I've search in vain for any information on the Internet about the repair of the path, but it has been like this for years so I expect it will stay this way. There is an alternative path behind the caravan site but I've gone with this route since this is a coast walk.
Walk along the beach to the far end where there is a way (I don't really want to call it a path) up from the beach to the point (photo). Here there is a derelict house. Continue on the path and you'll soon come out St Mary's Well Bay road. Opposite a white house (remember this for the return journey). Turn left and walk down the road for 1 mile (photo). At the end of the road squeeze though the gate that connects the road with the car park for the Captain's Wife pub. This is a popular pub for Sunday lunches. It's serves tribute and a couple of guest beers. For the return journey retrace your steeps.


  1. At first glance I thought the markers on the route were all pubs and my ears pricked up!

    I think ive just worked out that they are mile markers! Disappointment :( :(

    Thought there wouldve been more pubs on the pub walk blog route!

    Ive done this route a few times and have managed reward myself with copious amounts of beer after that leisurely walk! I think ive mapped it on google - ill see if i can dig it out for you guys!


  2. There is a pub mid walk at the Lavernock Point Holiday Park. But I don't know if I could recommend it. The problem with this blog is that a walk must meet the following criteria...
    1, Take in a least one nice pub.
    2. Be within public transport of Cardiff.

    This walk just about makes the blog for two reason. Firstly it a nice walk along the cost. And second because of it's redeeming feature: it can be done on a Sunday. Which I'm afraid is a big problem for those of us who rely on public transport