Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Something's Happened

Something rather odd and unexpected has happened: people are reading this blog.
Over the last few years myself and some friends have enjoyed the odd country walk at the weekend taking in some nice pubs and through stubborn perseverance come up with some pretty good routes.
A friend of mine who is rather into her blogging suggested to me that I write up these walks on a blog. At first I was reluctant about the idea, mainly because there's not enough material to keep a blog going. I would just write up the half a dozen walks I'd perfected and that would be the end of it, but also because the criteria for the walks is so limited: country pub walks, that are available from Cardiff by public transport. Then I figured why not share the walks, there are some lovely pubs and I guess perhaps there's more interest than I'd have thought? So I wrote up the half a dozen walks and as expected pretty much forgot about this blog.
Then as I've said, something happened. People started to come back to me with stories of how they'd stumbled arcoss this blog. It turns out that people are actually reading this.
So I guess the question is "what should I do now"? I going to start up dating the blog. I promise. I'll add a few new walks and update the ones that need them (some of the woods I written about have been felled) and I'm going to try and preview if there's any decent events coming up. I don't want to try and compete with Brew Wales he does as far better job than I ever could, but I have noticed he misses a few beer festivals.
So expect some up coming posts on: Cocktoberfest, pub crawls in Bristol, Bath and Caerloen and the soon to be infamous 145 bus pub crawl.

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