Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pub Scores 2012

Back in November I created a pub scoring system which I've used to score a number of pubs. Shortly after creating the system I realised it was flawed. Good pubs were getting low scores for not having a beer garden or outside toilets. Also, scoring the menu in every pub was a total pain. I decided it was time for a change.
So the menu score is gone. I've taken the elements of the original list and decided which are 'essentials' and which are luxaries. The score is now divided in two. The main score is based on the bread-and-butter elements that make a great pub. A second star rating has been added that represents the luxury elements of the pub. So a perfect pub would score 100% ***** (five stars).
Here's how the scores breaks down.

Main score
1. Beer 30 points
2. Cider 15 points
3. Ambiance 30 points
4. Exterior 10 points
5. Bar Staff Niceness 10 points
6. Clientèle 5 points

Star Rating 10 points = 1 Star
1. Toilet quality 10 points
2. Beer Garden 20 points
3. Bar Staff Attractiveness 20 points

Once again the Bar Staff Attractiveness is only there since it makes compiling the list that much more fun. The boys and girls both get 10 points each.
I've created a google map showing all the pubs I've visited and so scored in 2012. I'll keep it updated.

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