Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pub Scoring System 2011

In my last post I mentioned several pubs and gave each of them a score out of 100. This came about after my friends and I listed all the qualities that we thought were important to make a good pub in a Moon Under Water style. We then look these topics and weighted each of them in relation as to how important we thought they were and made sure that the final score added up to 100%. The scoring system we came up with was...
1. Beer 20 points
2. Cider 10 points
3. Ambiance 20 points
4. Exterior 5 points
5. Bar Staff Attractiveness 5 points. Not my idea
6. Bar Staff Niceness 10 points
7. Menu 10 points
8. Toilet quality 5 points
9. Beer Garden 10 points
10. Clientèle 5 points

We were deliberately vague about what was required to get perfect scores. A note about "Bar Staff Attractiveness". This was not my idea and it's not something I really think you should score a pub on. However, it does make doing the scoring far more fun.
For the rest of 2011 I scored all the pubs I visited using this system. The results are shown below from best to worse.

1. The Lansdown (Bristol) 88%
2. The Horse Shoe (The Vale) 86%
3. The Plough & Harrow (The Vale) 82.5%
4. Cornobia (Bristol) 71%
5. The Angle (Abergavenny) 66%
6. Victoria (Bristol) 65%
7. The Bank (Bristol) 64%
8. Hen & Chickens (Abergabenny) 59%
9. The Station (Abergavenny) 59%
10. The Pelican In Her Piety (The Vale) 58%
11. Vittoria (Bristol) 54%
12. The Coach & Horses (Abergavenny) 50%
13. The King's Head (Abergavenny) 48%
14. The Star Inn (The Vale) 46%
15. The Old White Heart (The Vale) 45.5%
16. The Lamb & Flag (The Vale) 42%

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