Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Pub Scoring System

The new year is here again and so I'm giving my pub scoring system it's annual over haul. Not many changes this year. I feel as though I'm really closing in on perfection now. The list is still divided into two. The first half is concerned with the bread-and-butter element that make a great pub. This score considers a number of factors, with each factor being weighted to take into account its importance. The score add up to 100 and give a percentage mark.
The second half of the pub score is the bonus score. This contains all the elements of a pub that make visiting it a pleasure. It is rated with stars. So an ideal pub would be 100%*****.
The result of the score can be seen on my map of pub scores 2013.

Bread and Butter Score
Ambiance 30 points
This is deliberately vague score that measures how much 'you enjoy being in the pub'. It's usual for a pub to score much lower than 20 on this scale, because if I don't want to be in the pub then I'm not going there in the first place.
Beer Quality 30 points
I've been forced to qualitate this after been accused giving higher scores to my favourite pubs. So here is how it works. You score 1 point for every hand pull beer at the bar. You then add a further 3 points for every beer that isn't Brains (Gold and Craft Brews don't count). Each beer is then scored out of 5 and added to the total. There's a ceiling of 30 points. It's very usual for top scores to be achieved by a pub in Wales, but very normal for one in England.
Cider quality 15 points
Again this has been made mathematical. Two points for every draft cider (Strongbow doesn't count). Each cider is then given a score out of 5 and this added to the total. Finally, each brand of bottled cider scores one point (Bulmers, Magners, and Koppenberg) and an individual score out of 3 for proper bottled ciders.
Bar Staff Niceness 10 points
Exterior 10 points
This takes into account the type of pub; you can't score a pub down for not having a thatched roof if it is in a city centre.
Clientele 5 points
TOTAL 100%

Bonus Score.
Bar Staff Attractiveness 20 points
Again this is not really that nice, and it wasn't my idea, but it does make doing the scoring that much more fun.
If there is only one person behind the bar they are score out of 20. If both sexes are represented then each is scored out of 10 and the scores summed. If there is more than one person of a sex behind the bar then only the more attractive is scored.
Toilet quality 20 points
Men's is out of 10 and likewise for the ladies. If I'm by myself I double the men's toilet score.
Beer Garden Quality 20 points
This takes into consideration the pubs location.
0-9 no stars, 10-19 one star, 20-29 two stars, 30-39 three stars, 40-49 four stars, 50-60 five stars.

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